What is medicine point of view about different problems in sexual life.

Problems in sexual area are rather common. They do not appear sudden and started to destroy our life. They were at all times. Ancient men were bothered about it a problem too. That’s why today we have some interesting facts and recipes about solutions and methods of fighting with the problem.

sexual lifeAs you know pharmacy appeared many centuries ago. Some people believes that founder of this science was Paracelsus (you may hear about him like a creator of homunculus). Other believes that pharmacy leads her history from herbal medicine and it is not correct to separate it. In fact, nature is a real father of this science, because it helps to understand all processes and their influence to our health.

There is one interesting fact – during all the period of pharmacy exist, there were not so many tries to use it in the area of sexual problems. People thought that if a man has no sexual power, it is a kind of paternoster and there is no way to help. This point of view has another direction. Some people thought that if nab has no power, it is God’s will and procreation is not available because of it.

Some attempts to find a solution by the help of medicine started in 19 century. People found that some herbs have a real effect and started to use them. It gives a start to the next period of modern pharmacy.
When appeared a new science, using of herbs became to be popular. Even if there was no any health problem, it was a kind of norm to take herbs in prophylactically. Sometimes it gave them wrong action because there are still no pills without side effects. It was a kind of exclusive. It means that it cost a lot of money and was able to only rich people.

Today situation was changed. Modern pharmacy took everything from its own experience, but the main period is based on the chemistry knowledge. When both of them started to collaborate, they give us new direction, which made pharmacy be a real science. Modern medicine is possible to change the situation which appeared because of some deviations which were based on health problems. If we talking about ED it is important to mention that it has different phases. In some cases,the only one solution came in 1992 and its name is Viagra. This little pill gives men hope and solution which could solve all kinds of ED problems. It is a phenomenon which becomes so much important. In fact, Viagra becomes the first one pill, which has long history and many predecessors. There were no competitors.

Viagra’s action is based on the main element’s action, which was discovered by the group of scientists. From the medical point of view it was a breakthrough, but during tests were founded some side effects. So, it is possible to a day that Viagra can solve the problem, but there are some more actions, which leads side effects. Using this pill, in fact, has no real harm, but it is important to have some preparations before taking a pill.
Today you can find alternative pills, but there still only one legend – it is Viagra pill. It still popular and popularity is an evidence of real power.