What if there will be no sex in our life and can you replace it.

Today it is hard to imagine what kind of life is it could be without sex. If we want to answer this question, first of all, it is important to remember what the main role of this action is.

During a long time, sex played basic role, because first of all, it helps humanity to create new generations, but if we talking about sex just from trivial side, it is important to mention, that:
– sex is a kind of way to express emotions;
– it helps us to relax;
– it is a way to destroy emotional and physical problems;
– helps to create self-confidence;
– another good way of creating and saving relationships;
– following to our basic instincts, which creates the area to express yourself like a man.

1 – Expressing of emotions is very important because our mind is like a jug which becomes full every day. The only one way to make them (emotions) free – expressing by different methods. Of course, there are verbal communication, touches, smiles and other able expressions, but there are no alternatives to show your passion. Sexual excitation is difficult to keep inside because it makes us goes mad. It is impossible to see the world in full colors when there is only one thing on your mind. During the sex time, it is possible to let off all range of them, without losing yourself. That’s why sex a good way to show everything to your partner and return new horizons.

2 – You already know that sex makes all the emotions free. As the result, real freedom and relaxing come to your body. There are no excuses, no doubts. It is just you, your feeling and even if your partner is close to you, it is able to feel unity with own body. It makes all the problems gone because positive emotions make wrong thoughts goes supplant.

3 – When something bothered you, when there is no exit, it is possible just to forget and follow to you inside feelings. Sometimes, after sex, your mind becomes so much clean that it is probably the only one way to find right decision. If some processes in your body are going to the wrong condition, it is important to know that sex can normalize them, because strong blood flow and saturation gives everything you need.

4 – When your partner absolutely satisfied in bed, it is a kind of win. It is not simple to be a good lover, but if you already reached it, you should be proud of it. Everyone knows that sex as important as all another side of life, and that’s why without being a good lover it is very hard to create a strong family. So, if your sexual life makes you being proud of it, your self-confidence already have a huge base to be real.

5 – Sex is a good way to prove relation. For example, if there are some little or a huge family fight with your couple, psychologists all over the world gives an advice that sex is the best decision. It helps to turn on the mind and forget about foolish complaints. Besides having sex can gives you more than wasting of energy.

6 – All of us still animals and we have some instincts, which are needed to be realized. Nature gives us strong mind, but if there will be no brakes, it will be full of unfinished actions.