Sildenafil Citrate generic – How Men in Different Countries Treat ED.

Since revealing of the unique effect of sildenafil in late 1990-es, almost 30 million men worldwide have tried the “magic pill” under the name Viagra and tested its action. Until quite recently Viagra manufactured by Pfizer company was the only drug of its kind available. However, some years ago, its patent protection period expired, and other pharmaceutical companies were allowed to manufacture drugs containing sildenafil as well. Today sildenafil generic is not uncommon, and medicaments for erectile dysfunction treatment are included in the product line of many manufacturers. As generics are always cheaper than the original drug, the demand for them is rather high. But are they as effective as the genuine Viagra? Opinions differ, as usual. Here are some of them.

Sildenafil Citrate“I am fifty years old now, and I’ve been taking Viagra for almost ten years. In my case, erectile dysfunction is the cause of the early metabolic syndrome. To tell the truth, for ten years I’ve got accustomed to my problem and to the effect of Viagra. But you know, this is not cheap. Indeed, sometimes it’s too expensive for me. Last month I tried to order sildenafil citrate online (generic) for the first time. To my mind, it is different. It seemed to me that the new pills have a somewhat milder effect. They start working quicker, but the effect is very gradual. I can’t say that I like it much but maybe its because I am not used to it. Will I buy it the future? Well, I don’t know yet. I need time to consider it. Mathew L., Australia.”

“For 36 years of my life, I had never had any problems with potency till recently. But maybe a month or so ago I suddenly failed to get an erection. Then I attributed the failure to the tiredness and lack of energy (it was Friday evening, the end of quite a busy week). However, in some time the failure repeated. Of course, I got nervous. I’ve read that sildenafil treats the problem, so, I tried to order Viagra generic. After taking a pill, erection was perfect – stronger and longer than usual. The only side effect for me was thirst. I drank three glasses of water after that. In general, I think, it works. Though I am going to see a doctor soon, as a temporary measure, the pills are perfect. Alexander P., Canada.”

“I cannot say anything bad about non-original sildenafil based drugs. Some years ago, I tried Viagra, but I had to refuse from it, because every time it caused a strong headache, so that I couldn’t even think of sex. Of course, I continued looking for other options. Though they say that generic drugs have exactly the same composition, I don’t believe in it. I tried several different generics of sildenafil, and all of them had a different effect on me. Now I’ve found the variant that suits me best – no headache plus improved erection. Funny to say, it is sufficiently cheaper than genuine Viagra. My recommendation is – try different options available and choose what suits you personally. Otherwise, you’ll just waste your money on inappropriate drugs with no effect. Mason J., UK.”