Sexual fantasies and their role in forming sexual experience and behavior.

Every of us has their own secretly fantasies, but some part of them could be realized by the sexual life. Sexual fantasy is a normal mind’s action. All of us, since we started sexual life, use imagination. It helps to make our dreams come true.

Sexual fantasiesSexual experience has a base, which was formed by the fantasies. In young age, when there is no chance to make a compare between your thoughts, pictures which were created by imagination, and the reality. Despite expectations, it brings us some experience. It makes our imagination work hard. All the information, which gets to you, goes analyze. All these actions follow to the world, where information after analyzing and real experience transform into the expectations, which are generated fantasies.

As well as we get all the range of fantasies, it makes start another period – forming of sexual behavior. It could last for a long time because they could be changed and replaced by some other, which appeared in another period. Factors, which has influence to the forming are:
– environment;
– habits;
– society;
– experience;
– side information.

1 – Environment can play the lead role. In some cases, this factor is most important because of some sides. Scientists by some researches found that warm climate and huge sun activity can bring sexual activity. It happened not only because of the warm weather there are fewer clothes on the bodies, it leads to the brain’s activity. It has an influence on the parts, with the main role as forming of excitation.

2 – Habits bring to the sexual life something from daily life. For example, if someone likes to smoke, in this case, smoking could be a reason of excitation, because it will be creating of couple joy. Or it could play another role – if someone cares about dark light, there are no ability to be sexual, during such kind of conditions.

3 – Society in most cases plays the role of catalyst. It consists of traditions, modern followings, mainstreams etc. If someone has sexual fantasies which neither are nor accepted into the society, it will be rather difficult makes them come true. It happens because with a special point of view it is hard to find confederate.

4 – If you already have some experience, it will be the base of forming other features. Experience can be founded by watching TV, listening to the radio, communication with other people etc.

Everything that you already had will be present in a variable view. In some cases, psychologists are trying to discover reason which becomes to be the base of some sexual deviations. It is can be something which got many years ago and stayed in for a long time, but once it found its own way to express. For example, if in young age someone hears information about some sexual experience and it had a huge impression, it will be probably remembered when in a life of that man happen a situation with available time to such action.
So, our sexual behavior, fantasies, and habits are links of one chain. All of them together forming sexual life. If we will get off one of them everything going to be changed, because there are nothing fundamental.