Privacy Policy

At, we believe that when customers come to our website they are looking for the best and that is what they deserve to get. We are committed to constantly working on and improving all our systems to ensure that we are able to give our customers the best services time and again. In order to be able to do this properly, we collect specific information from our customers from time to time. Again we strongly believe that the same customers providing information have a right to know how that information is used. Some of the information collected is very sensitive and customers would not like it to fall into the wrong hands.
This privacy policy outlines the kind of information that we collect and how that information is used and protected. It is important for all our customers to fully familiarize with the provisions in this privacy policy and, to that end, we strongly advice customers to spare a few minutes to review this policy. The use of any of our services will only be possible after the customers demonstrate their willingness to abide by the terms of this privacy policy. Before using our website you will be required to agree to all of its provisions. It should also be noted that reserves the right to amend, adjust, change or revoke any of the provisions of this privacy policy at any time and without issuing any prior notice to that effect.

Information collected

Using the sign up and contact forms on our website, customers and users may be asked to provide any of the following information:
Personal details- personal information may be collected in order to identify our customers, verify their identities and create accounts for them. The personal details that are collected on our website include full names, age or date of birth and gender.
Financial information- you may be asked to provide your financial details such as credit card details or debit card details depending on the one that you use.
Contact information- this includes phone numbers, email addresses and street addresses and this information will be collected before any order is processed.

Purpose of Collecting Information

All the information that we collected is meant to be used for a particular business purpose and nothing else. For instance, we need your financial information in order to retrieve payments for orders from customer accounts. We need contact information in order to process shipping and delivery of orders to our customers.

Spamming and Protection of Information will never share information provided by our customers with any third parties. All the information is protected by a 128 bit encryption layer in order to prevent the sharing, loss, manipulation and misuse of the information.
Contact details collected will only be used to get in touch with customers who have subscribed to our mailing lists. Any other communication will be regarded as spamming- a vice we are strongly against. Any customer can unsubscribe from our mailing lists at will and at any given time for whichever reason.