100mg Viagra Online – Sildenafil Citrate


Sexual satisfaction is related to the criteria, defining the quality of people’s life: self-estimation, success in business and career, family relations and other aspects largely depend on how you feel in the intimate sphere. Unfortunately, today even healthy people feel in this sphere not very well. It is not a secret that a great number of intimate problems have roots in psychological inhibitions and complexes, such as neuroses, stresses, numerous prejudices in the sexual sphere, unsuccessful sexual experience and so on. The list of negative factors that can affect the quality of sex is very long. Such a shameful and frustrating for men disorder as erectile dysfunction is often caused by these factors. Yes, today urologists intentionally avoid the word “impotence”, which means complete inability to perform a sexual act, replacing it with a more reassuring term “erectile dysfunction”, so highlighting the possibility of correction. Nowadays there are effective methods of ED treatment, and one of them is taking of PDE-5 inhibitors. Even those who don’t know what an inhibitor is, have certainly heard about a magic pill – Viagra or read information about Viagra online.

A Single Solution of Multiply Problems

The word “dysfunction” means incorrect or improper functioning. Erectile dysfunction means that the physiological process of erection cannot be fulfilled for some reason. Loss of erection, in turn, means that a man can’t perform sexual intercourse and can’t get satisfied. The reasons for erectile dysfunction can be of organic, psychological or mixed nature. So, you may suppose that for the treatment of this disorder men need different drugs depending on its cause. However, everything is much simpler. To restore your sexual power you will need only one type of drug – Viagra or generic Viagra – a single solution of multiple problems.

Of course, alongside with the treatment you are recommended to work at eliminating the reasons for the dysfunction. If the issue has a purely psychological nature (e.g lack of self-confidence caused by lack of experience or negative experience), consult a psychologist or/and a sexologist. If ED is caused by changes in your organism as a result of unhealthy lifestyle (obesity, sedentary way of life, uncontrolled drinking), revise your habits and try to make positive changes in your life. But in any case, eliminating the cause will take some time. And sometimes (in the case of organic disorders or chronic diseases) ED can’t be cured completely. Viagra will effectively help to suppress the symptoms and reach a good, steady erection at any stage and irrespective of its reason.

How is It Possible?

The essential integral part of the process of erection is filling up the penis, to be more exact, the cavernous body of the penis, with blood. When for some reason overtone or spasm of blood vessels occurs, blood flow can’t get to the penis, and the process of erection can’t be fulfilled. The reason for this spasm can be both psychological (stress, fear, neuroses) or organic ( a disorder of inner organs or systems, chronic diseases, etc.). Sildenafil citrate, which is the main component of Viagra, resolves this problem regardless of its cause (you can find more detailed pieces of information about the mechanism of action of Viagra and generic Viagra online). Broadly speaking, Sildenafil relaxes the muscles that are responsible for the construction of vessels. As a result, the game play is not interrupted when you least expect, and the entire process of gradual sexual arousal, erection, sexual intercourse itself and culmination runs smoothly and naturally.

Freedom or Addiction?

100-satis-300x185There is a widespread opinion that Viagra and its analogues cause a steady addiction. In other words, if you started taking Viagra, you’ll have to do it till the end of days, otherwise you won’t be able to make sex. Fortunately, these fears have no scientific ground. Researches and clinical trials proved that Sildenafil does not cause addiction. On the contrary, it gives you more freedom in choosing the comfortable pace of sexual life. The advantage of this drug is that it doesn’t require regular taking. Instead, Viagra is taken only when needed.

Every man has the right for happiness, for personal satisfaction and pleasure. Viagra supports both young people who are too nervous before the night of love, and aging men, who don’t have as much energy as before. One pill of Viagra – and you can stop thinking of erection. Just relax and enjoy the process, and Viagra will work for you.